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Our Bond Origination services are at no cost to you.

Why Key Pro Bonds

What we do.

We simplify the process by completing one application, submitted to multiple banks.
We will source quotes from all the major banks, including your own, for easy comparison.
Benefit from our negotiation skills for the best rates and deals on your behalf.
Explore zero deposit bond options with our assistance for added convenience.

Our Bond Origination services are at no cost to you.

Services We Offer

We get you the most competitive rate by sourcing quotes from the banks for you to compare.

Bond Origination

We submit Home Loan Applications to up to seven banks negotiating the best interest rates and deal in the market at any given time.


We help you check your credit record, income and expenses to give you an accurate assessment of what you can afford. You will then know how likely you are to qualify for a bond.

Still Looking for a Home

I’m searching property portals and visiting show houses but have a few questions.

Bank Partners

About Us

We have over 60 years’ accumulative experience in Banking, Finance Applications and Real Estate – giving us the leading-edge in securing you a Home Loan. Our passion lies in getting you the keys to your very own home! We genuinely do a happy dance for you when your home loan finance is approved by the banks! And boy, we sure do a lot of dancing!

Having been employed as a Credit Manager, in the past, we know exactly what information the banks require to approve your home loan, saving you frustration, time and money!

To us at evo Key Pro Bonds you are not just a number, we genuinely care about each and every one of our clients!

Key Pro Bonds is fully dedicated to getting your home loan application approved - securing you the best possible deal from the banks, in the quickest time possible, with the least amount of effort on your part! Our ambition is to provide home ownership to as many South Africans as possible!

Once you have provided Key Pro Bonds with all the required information and documentation, we take the reins and ensure that your application is prepared, motivated, and submitted to the banks in the correct format and in the quickest possible time.  We have close communication with the banks and receive live feedback on every step of the application which we relay to you, thereby reducing the stress of the wait…

Key Pro Bonds guides you from the application stage to bond registration – constantly keeping you informed on all progress!  The bond application and registration process can be a bit complicated, and we certainly have no problem in sharing our knowledge and experience of the steps in the process – we patiently explain and answer all your questions.

Having started our careers in legal collections at the bank we understand why the National Credit Act is so important – the banks are bound by this Act to lend within a certain criterion to protect you!   We are also able to advise and guide you on how to improve your Credit Ratings from a qualified and experienced perspective.

We understand that buying a home is one of the biggest decisions in your life – let us assist you!


What Others Say

Thank you, Carol and Co., You have been absolutely amazing – your contact feedback was really impressive! I will be referring my ex-wife to be to you too – please see if you can assist her with getting finance on the same basis as you did for me?

Grant F.

Wow, Carol!  Just WOW! You are incredible!  Thanks for getting my home loan approved! I truly appreciate all your hard work and constant updates! 

Tansy P.

Carol, thank you for getting my bond approved! I really appreciate all the feedback you gave me!

Yongama F.

Thank you, to you guys! You rock!

Wouter L.

Gee Carol!  You are on the ball!

Karen W | Estate Agent


Carol Musgrove

Property Finance Specialist

Home Loan Calculators

Use our Home loan Calculators to work out the size of home loan you are likely to qualify for and what your bond repayments will be.

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Repayment Calculator

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Transfer Cost Calculator

Calculate your registration and transfer costs.

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